To Our Extended Sacred Heart Family,

“Our Extended Family”…. These words hold more truth than ever before.

Our most sincere and deepest appreciation for your cooperation, understanding, and unwavering patience with us during our severe water damage crisis on February 2, 2019. Only a couple weeks ago, we lived thru a devastating event, but with the support we received from all angles, we’re now in recovery mode.

Our first and foremost concern during this unfortunate water crisis was for the safety and welfare of each resident entrusted to our care. With all efforts put forth, we were able to place all 90 residents in temporary housing within 7 hours. Although situations may not have been ideal, our staff remained with our residents in each temporary location. This provided comfort, security, and familiarity to those who were most affected.

We have existed for 20 amazing years without an incident of this magnitude. So we are infinitely grateful for the efforts of Northampton people — a “Community of Unity”. We thank the First Responders, Emergency Management Services, our team, family and friends, and those we didn’t even know who rallied together and stepped into action in our time of need. Most of all, Sacred Heart Senior Living staff and management thank you, our extended Family, for the essential role you played in the successful evacuation process.

We’ve made our best attempts to keep in touch with each resident who is not yet back in our Community. If there is anything we can answer for you pertaining to our reconstruction progress, how to assist with your care, or any concerns you need addressed, please feel free to contact us at the Main Building phone number: 610-262-4300. My cell phone is also accessible to anyone: 610-417-1509
We are looking forward to being together soon.

Because We Care,

Gayle Yastrop
Executive Director
Northampton Campus

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